Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

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Homebuyer Education & Counseling

Homebuyer education and counseling is essential for your successful transition into homeownership. One of the largest obstacles to home ownership is fear. Most individuals can conquer fear through knowledge. The more you know before you begin your home purchase process, the more you are able to make clear, smart, and timely decisions.

Most first time homebuyer programs now require that a homebuyer receive formal education before they commence with their home purchase.  BAAHA assists homebuyers in securing a stronger knowledge base by providing the following educational alternatives:

Seminars and workshops offered through BAAHA.  These workshops include:

  • Introductory workshops focused on special homeownership Programs.  These information packed introductory workshops are normally one to two hours longs and provide an overview of important facts and procedures that homebuyers need to know when they start their home purchase procedure and wish to participate in a homebuyer assistance resource such as a down payment assistance or Below Market Rate Program
  • HUD approved homebuyer seminars.  BAAHA works with and assists you to direct you to HUD approved educators.​