Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance
SubsidyType of SubsidySubsidy Cap


Income Limits

City of Antioch


Repayable 15 year loan

with shared appreciation

$60,000 or 20% of

the purchase price

whichever is less

120% of Contra

Costa County's

median income

Federal Home Loan


Forgivable 5-year loan.

Balance reduced by 1/5

each year.  No interest


$22,000 based on

four times the

down payment

applied to purchase

the home

80% of Contra Costa County's

median income

First Citizens Bank (FCB)

Down Payment and

Closing Cost

Assistance Program

No repayment.  One-time grant provided at time of purchase. 

Recipient must secure their 1st loan from FCB. A reduced fixed

interest rate is provided on

the 1st loan

Up to $30,000. 

FCB established

maximum by determining

financial needs of household


income may

not exceed


Antioch Home Ownership Program (AHOP)

Subsidy Funding Sources

AHOP (Antioch Home Ownership Program) logo
FHLB Graphic

BAAHA and the City have established up to two additional funding resources that the AHOP Program applies and combines to maximize subsidies for households. The resources provided include the Federal Home Loan Bank’s First Time Homebuyers WISH Program. This could add up to an additional $29,000 in subsidy, for a total potential subsidy of up to $89,000 from all sources. The City has a requirement to combine and leverage additional subsidy sources when applying and funding an AHOP City subsidy.

There is a limited amount of funding available from each source referenced below. Accordingly, neither BAAHA nor the City are able to assure the availability of funding from these sources at any given time. Subsidies will be distributed on a first come first approved and served basis.

Households participating in the three referenced AHOP subsidies must meet all Program guidelines and requirements covered in the Program Guidelines and Requirements page.

​City of Antioch's AHOP Subsidy


​The City of Antioch’s AHOP will provide low income and moderate income households up to a maximum of $60,000 in the form of a fifteen year shared appreciation down payment assistance loan. The amount of subsidy provided is capped at the lesser of: $60,000 or of 20% of the property purchase price. The loan subsidy provided will also not exceed the dollar amount the City determines to be needed by the homebuyer to purchase their targeted home. This subsidy limit (up to $60,000) is based on the household maintaining a monthly housing cost ratio that is between 28% and 45% of the homebuyer’s gross monthly income. The City’s AHOP subsidy will be reduced if the household’s housing ratio falls below 28%. To learn more about housing ratios, BAAHA suggests reading the article provided at: Households will also learn more about housing and debt ratio through the homebuyer education course required to be completed to secure final approval for the AHOP.

Households applying for the City AHOP may not have combined gross household incomes that are greater than 120% of Contra Costa’s median household income, as adjusted for household size;see City of Antioch’s Maximum Income Allowance below in the Program Guidelines page


​​The AHOP City subsidy loan will have no payments during its fifteen-year term. The principal balance of the loan must be repaid with shared appreciation when:

  • The property transfers ownership/title – including renting out the property
  • The property is refinanced with a cash out loan
  • The end of the fifteen-year term

At time of repayment, the City’s AHOP subsidy must be repaid in full, with the shared appreciation allocation applied to the loan. The amount of shared appreciation is established at the time of the home purchase by applying the percentage of the dollar amount of the AHOP loan provided in relation to the purchase price of the property. For example, if $54,000 was provided to purchase a $450,000 home, then the shared appreciation to be paid back would equal 12% ($54,000 divided by $450,000 equals 12%) of the gross profit realized. The AHOP participant will be required to pay back 12% of the shared appreciation plus the original loan amount or $54,000. For example, if the value of the home is $600,000 at the time the City’s AHOP loan is repaid, then the shared appreciation portion of the repayment will be determined as follows:

                Original cost of the home:                                                     $450,000
                Price of the home at the time loan is repaid:                         $600,000
                Amount of profit recognized at the time loan is repaid:         $150,000
                Shared appreciation allocation/portion as %                        12%
                Shared appreciation allocation/portion as dollars                 $18,000
                Original loan amount                                                             $54,000 
                Total amount repaid at payoff                                            $72,000

​Federal Home Loan Bank WISH Program Loan/Grant

The Federal Home Loan Bank (FHLB) WISH Program is a hybrid loan and grant subsidy program. WISH Program participants must meet all the Program Guidelines applied to qualify for the AHOP program. Additional key elements of the WISH Program include (and are not limited to):

  • The amount of subsidy provided is equal to four times the amount the household contributes towards their down payment, with a maximum $29,000 funding cap. Accordingly, a household contributing $5,500 towards their down payment would receive the maximum subsidy of $29,000 to purchase their home.
  • The WISH subsidy is forgiven by 1/5 of the subsidy amount each year over a five-year duration. The loan is totally forgiven after five years. The household must reside as a full time resident during the five years of ownership.
  • There is no interest charged on the loan, and no payments are required. Within the loan’s five-year term, if any of the following events occur the owner will be required to pay back the prorated loan balance for the remaining term of the loan. Repayment of the loan balance will be required if any of the following occur:
    • The property transfers ownership/title – including renting out the property
    • The property is refinanced with a cash out loan

BAAHA  has access to WISH funding, and will allocate funds on a case by case basis working with AHOP Program Certified lenders. 

Additional Subsidy and Grant Programs

​From time to time, 1st Lenders may offer homebuyer assistance programs to the public. AHOP welcomes lenders that provide additional subsidies to low income first time homebuyers. BAAHA and the City will review prospective subsidy Programs to determine if they fit within required AHOP parameters.  Lenders that have presented the capacity to deliver additional approved subsidy sources will be invited to become a Certified participating AHOP lender.  Subsidies/grants provided by a first lender must be subordinate to the City's AHOP loan.

Synopsis and Key Points – AHOP Subsidy and Grant Programs

​The table below provides an overview of the guidelines, terms, and financial resources provided through the three primary subsidies currently incorporated into AHOP.

​​Key points regarding the applied AHOP subsidies:

  • Subsidies can be used jointly and individually in any combination; HOWEVER, AHOP City funding for low income households requires that at least one of the two above referenced subsidies is combined with the AHOP City program. An AHOP certified lender may also apply an additional subsidy or substitute a different AHOP accepted subsidy(ies) to fulfill this requirement.
  • AHOP City funded subsidy (up to $60,000) may only be applied towards purchasing a home in Antioch.
  • All subsidies sources require all non-dependent household members on the property title be first time homebuyers.
  • The WISH subsidy can be underwritten, approved, and funded by the 1st lender.
  • The WISH subsidy can also be provided by any AHOP certified lender that have access to WISH funding.
  • A forty-five-day close is required in the purchase contract  when utilizing the AHOP’s City subsidy.
  • The AHOP City subsidy must maintain a priority position to all other AHOP approved partnering subsidies.

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