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Prior to applying to AHOP, be certain to read and review all the information provided on this webpage. Use the links on the left to navigate through AHOP information.

The City of Antioch has combined their own funding sources with additional partnering sources to leverage and maximize the ability to assist eligible first time homebuyers. The sources, types, and terms of the subsidies are further discussed in the Funding Sources section.

AHOP participants must meet eligibility criteria to participate in the program. Details on eligibility requirements are outlined on the Guidelines page. AHOP Participants must:

  • Received a Certificate of Completion for completing a required HUD Approved homebuyer education course
  • Be a first time homebuyer
  • Have gross household incomes that do not exceed the maximum income allowances
  • Have the financial wherewithal to secure a first mortgage and qualify for the AHOP subsidy
  • Have the financial capacity to purchase a home in Antioch
  • Secure a HUD Education certificate from a HUD approved homebuyer educator

Steps to participate in the AHOP are further explained on the Application and Approval page. General steps required to participate in AHOP include (and are not limited to):

  • Learn more about the first time homebuyer resources AHOP provides by reviewing all the information provided on this webpage
  • Complete the required HUD Approved homebuyer education course – Certificate of Completion required
  • Fill out and submit an AHOP Application
  • Secure Program Prequalification Notification status from BAAHA
  • If deemed eligible by BAAHA/City, secure first loan approval from a AHOP certified first lender
  • Secure an AHOP Funding reservation
  • Upon securing a first loan approval start your search for an AHOP Program eligible home to purchase in the City of Antioch
  • Secure final Program Approval from the 1st Lender and from BAAHA/City to close your purchase transaction
  • Secure a Homebuyer Education Certificate of Completion from an approved HUD educator. AHOP participants should sign up for and complete their homebuyer education as early as possible in the process.
  • Close your purchase transaction

The Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance (BAAHA) is a non-profit agency that is contracted by the City of Antioch to oversee all aspects of underwriting, screening, approving, and delivering the City’s AHOP subsidy to eligible AHOP participants. BAAHA has extensive experience in designing, implementing, and administrating first time homebuyer subsidies throughout the Bay Area. Explore our website to learn more about BAAHA!

If there are any further questions after reviewing all information on this website, please email

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Antioch Home Ownership Program (AHOP)