BMR Program Prescreen Application

Download and complete a BMR Program Prescreen Application  which may be submitted either by completing the PDF form electronically in the link below or by printing it out and filling it out legibly by hand and either scanning or mailing it to BAAHA. Only one application is needed to be notified of all our programs, unless otherwise specified. Your information is kept safe in BAAHA's database that we use to match your homebuyer profile to the parameters of specific programs or developments. In addition, we will be able to notify you of any relevant upcoming homeownership opportunities and programs. We look forward to assisting you in the process to achieve affordable homeownership in the Bay Area!

  • Mailing instructions: Mail your completed application to Program Coordinator, BAAHA, 5517 Geary Blvd #206, San Francisco, CA 94121
  • Faxing instructions: Fax your completed application to (415) 231-5181
  • Scanning and e-mailing instructions: Download the BMR Lottery Application electronically, fill it out and save it, then send it back to BAAHA by either using the steps below, or emailing the completed and signed application to Alternatively you can scan and attach a PDF of your completed and signed application to an e-mail to​.
Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance