Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

The Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance, or BAAHA, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit successor organization to the Bay Area HomeBuyer Agency (BAHBA). The primary objective of BAHBA was to assist low to moderate (plus) first time homebuyers to secure homeownership in the San Francisco Bay Area region.

BAAHA now achieves our objectives by coordinating, combining, and delivering resources and services to homebuyers. Services and resources we direct and assist homebuyers with include and are not limited to:

BAAHA maintains Program administrative contracts with a number of cities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area region. These contracts provide BAAHA the ability to help design, deliver, and administer affordable homeownership Programs for the Cities we work with. In addition, BAAHA is continuously expanding resources to assist homebuyers through every aspect of the purchase process, including a strong emphasis in supporting and promoting financial literacy for homebuyers.

Be sure to provide us your contact information if you would like to be placed on our mailing and information list. We will make certain to keep you apprised of opportunities and resources that can assist you in becoming a homeowner. An e-mail address is preferred, as we can send you helpful materials better via e-mail.

You can provide us your contact information in the following ways:

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