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HUD-Approved Homebuyer Education

The top lottery winning applicants who have received 1st loan and BMR Program approval can proceed with submitting a purchase contract. It will take approximately 45 days to close the purchase escrow, once a purchase contract is signed.

1388 Broadway #181, Millbrae

Program Eligibility Requirements

Program Lottery Preferences

1388 Broadway #181

Millbrae, CA 94030​

2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condominium in the Park Broadway complex | 1,152* square feet(*per tax records) | $563,100 ​HOA $505.00/month

Application Deadline has Passed.
This 1st floor condo is centrally located in Millbrae. Washer and dryer hook-ups in the unit, assigned parking space, extra storage area, hot tub, recreation room, and outdoor courtyard and BBQ grill. Monthly HOA fee is $505 per month, including water, garbage, professional management, gym. Similar non-BMR priced units usually sell for in excess of $1,000,000.

First Time Homebuyer

All household members on title must complete a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved homebuyer education course from a HUD-approved agency to purchase a Millbrae BMR home. Click here to view HUD-approved agencies in the Bay Area. We also encourage applicants to conduct their own search for HUD-approved homebuyer education courses on the internet.  Education certificate must be provided to BAAHA by the close of escrow.

This is a moderate income BMR unit in which a household’s gross annual combined income may not exceed 120% of San Mateo County’s Median Income, adjusted for household size.  Maximum income allowances per household size are as follows:

​2 people in the household = $143,600 max.

​3 people = $161,550

​4 people = $179,500

5 people = $193,850

  1. Determine if you are interested in purchasing a BMR at Park Broadway.
    • Make certain to read and understand the implications of owning a BMR property. Click here to get a overview of BMR ownership.
    • BAAHA suggests you drive by the location and conduct a virtual tour (available by clicking here) prior to submitting your lottery application.
  2. Submit a BMR Lottery Application. DEADLINE HAS PASSED: it was 5:00PM FRIDAY APRIL 29, 2022
    • ​​You can also obtain a BMR application requesting an application by email at
    • If you are requesting an application by email, please make certain to state that the application is for the Millbrae BMR.  BAAHA will review your submitted application and contact you to:
      • ​​Provide you a preliminary Program eligibility and preference determination.
      • ​​Address additional questions we may have regarding information you have provided.

​​​​The application deadline has Passed

it was 5:00 PM Friday April 29, 2022

Make certain to submit your application early. This will provide BAAHA staff additional time to review and provide input on your application and preference status. Be certain to state that you are applying for the Millbrae BMR at the top of the application – under the Program Selection Section: "Which property/program are you applying for?" Neglecting to provide BAAHA this information may prevent your application from being processed for the Millbrae lottery.

Only one person in the household needs to currently live and/or work in the City of Millbrae to receive a preference in the lottery. Work eligibility is based on your employer’s address, not your home address. 

BMR Lottery Application

The City of Millbrae has established lottery preferences that promote ownership for first time homebuyers that reside and work in the Millbrae community. Preferences are not a requirement to apply. However, a preference scoring system will be applied in drawing priority applicants at the lottery.

If you have any additional questions, please contact BAAHA by email at Be sure to state that you are inquiring about the Millbrae BMR and provide us with your phone number. Register at BAAHA’s website to receive updates on Millbrae’s and other BMR related home ownership activity in the region. You can register by clicking here.

Financial Capacity

Additional Information

Maximum Income Allowance

BMR Lottery

1st Lender Approval

Your Next Step

There will be a strong preference given to first time homebuyers. To be a first time homebuyer, all members in the household may not have owned a real property in the past three years (from the time you submit your lottery application).

Minimum Household Size

The household must demonstrate financial capacity to purchase the BMR. This will include:

  • Buyers must have funds for approximately 5% of the purchase price (approximately $28,000). Funds will be applied for down payment and closing costs. A minimum 3% down payment is required. All funds must be in a bank, trust, retirement, or investment account (no "mattress money"/cash is allowed). The buyer should also have approximately $5,000 in reserve funds after they close the purchase transaction. Gifts may be provided by first and second degree relatives, and funded through an existing institutional account.  Gifts cannot be provided in cash.
  • Minimum FICO score of 640 for all borrowers involved in the purchase. Non-occupying co-signers are not allowed.
  • The monthly cost of owning the home in combination with your current monthly personal debt service cannot exceed 45% of your gross earnings. Monthly homeownership costs include mortgage, taxes, insurance, and home owners association fees.

To obtain more general information about BMR home ownership restrictions and guidelines, please click here.

Applicants must meet the following eligibility requirements to purchase the Park Broadway Below Market Rate home:

Upon securing 1st lender approval, BAAHA and the City will review and make a determination on the lottery winners’ Program eligibility. Program approval will be provided to applicants who have met all the eligibility requirements outlined above.

Viewing protocols have been established to maintain industry established COVID-19 safety requirements. A virtual tour of the exterior and interior of the property is provided by the listing agent of the property and is accessible by clicking here – 1388 Broadway #181 Virtual Tour.  The highest ranked lottery winners will only be able to view the property after they have been approved for their 1st mortgage loan (see below). Please make certain to respect the privacy and safety of the current owner.

The Purchase Process and Lottery Application

BAAHA will be working with and for  the City of Millbrae to administer all activities related to the review, screening, lottery, and approval of BMR buyers.

The top three lottery winners will be required to secure 1st lender approval from a BAAHA approved BMR lender. Not all lenders are able to provide a 1st mortgage loan on a BMR property. BAAHA will screen lenders to assess their capacity to provide financing for the BMR purchase.

The first step of the purchase process begins with the submittal of a lottery application. Buyers are not able to proceed forward with the purchase process unless a lottery application has been filled out and submitted by the applicant directly to BAAHA prior to the deadline date. A PDF copy of the BMR lottery application, with comprehensive instructions, can be downloaded by clicking hereThe application period will be open until 5:00PM Friday April 29, 2022. The application deadline has passed. Make certain to carefully read and follow all the Lottery Application instructions prior to submitting your application. Be certain to state that you are applying for the Millbrae BMR at the top of the application – under the Program Selection Section: "Which property/program are you applying for?" Neglecting to provide BAAHA this information may prevent your application from being processed for the Millbrae lottery.

BAAHA will provide a Notification of Lottery Eligibility which will provide all applicants:

  • Their eligibility status to participate in the lottery,
  • Their lottery preference determination,
  • Address issues and concerns that have established a disqualification determination for the applicant.  Applicants will have up to three working days to respond to a disqualification determination.
  • ​BAAHA communicates with Program Applicants through the email address provided on your application. Applicants are responsible for checking their emails for notifications, including checking your spam.

Purchase Contract and Close of Escrow

Live and/or Work in the City of Millbrae

City Program Approval

The lottery application deadline has passed. Applications received after April 29, 2022 will not be accepted.  The lottery is projected to be held on approximately the third or fourth week of May, 2022.

Viewing the Property

The minimum household size must be at least two people. All non-minor household members that are not dependents must be on title when the property is purchased. Qualifying dependents must be designated on 2021 federal tax returns. Maximum household size should not exceed 5 people.

The property is currently being prepared to be brought on the market.