Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

​​​​​​​Applying for the PDALP Lottery

Households interested in applying for the PDALP lottery must first read the Program Synopsis and Program Terms to confirm a full understanding of the Program parameters and requirements.  To obtain detailed Program Terms visit the Bay Area Affordable Homeownership (BAAHA) website located at BAAHA is the City’s contracted administrator which will oversee the lottery application and approval process for the PDALP.​  Lottery Applications must be submitted to BAAHA by no later than 5:00pm, Wednesday March 23, 2022.

Pleasanton Down Payment Assistance Loan Program

​​​​​PDALP Lottery Preferences

The Program assigns Program preference points to lottery participants. Program preference points are issued to households that meet certain Pleasanton live/work requirements. More information regarding preference points may be found at

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City of Pleasanton First Time Homebuyer Down Payment Assistance Loan Program

The Application Period Has Ended.

Applications were due March 23, 2022 at 5:00 pm

What is the PDALP?

The City of Pleasanton Down Payment Assistance Loan Program (PDALP) is offering up to a $100,000 down payment assistance loan to assist eligible first time homebuyers to purchase a home in the City of Pleasanton. The loan is for a 30-year term, during which time no payments are required.  The loan is repaid with shared appreciation either at the end of the term or at the time the property is sold/transferred, whichever comes first. Eligible homebuyers must meet the following Program requirements to participate in an upcoming lottery:

  • ​​All household members must be first time homebuyers – have not had a partial or a full ownership interest in a real property for three years prior to their Program application.
  • ​Gross annual household income is based on household size, cannot exceed 120% of Alameda County’s area median income, as shown below:
    • ​​1 person in household = $105,500 maximum income
    • 2 people = $120,600
    • 3 people = $135,650
    • 4 people = $150,700
    • 5 people = $162,800
    • ​6 people = $174,850
    • 7 people= $186,900

  • A program participant must have the financial wherewithal to secure first lender approval to purchase a home.  PDALP financial-related requirements include and are not limited to: at least a 660 FICO score, at least 3% of the property purchase price for a down payment, and up to 2% of the purchase price for closing costs and reserves. Funds for the down payment and reserves must be available in a financial institutional account. Applicants/participants may also secure gift funds from a 1st line relative.  Gift funds must be sourced in a financial institutional account.
  • ​​Lottery winners will be required to provide a certificate for completing a HUD-approved homebuyer education course prior to the close of the purchase. You do not have to complete the course to submit a lottery application to participate in the PDALP lottery.​​
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