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Hayward Events:

Hayward Homebuyer Education Seminar #2 - ECHO Housing
Saturday, April 20, 2019
Event full - sign-ups are now closed
Event full - sign-ups are now closed

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San Leandro Events:

San Leandro seminar dates have passed. To be notified of upcoming first time homebuyer events for San Leandro residents and workforce, click here.

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Here you can sign-up for the various Hayward or San Leandro events such as workshops and HUD-certified first time homebuyer education seminars. You can sign-up for multiple events using the second code drop-down menu. Be sure to select the correct code. Use the calendar provided on the right or at the bottom of the Hayward & San Leandro main page to locate the corresponding event code.

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Why are we asking so many personal household questions? Homebuyer assistance programs offer various benefits for different income categories. BAAHA can better direct you to relevant resources if we have an understanding of your household makeup. Don't worry! Your information stays with us and our partners, who are here to assist you become a homeowner.

Please note that the cities of Hayward and San Leandro will be hosting events at separate locations and times. BAAHA, in conjunction with other partners, will be hosting the same type of events in each city. Please refer to the calendar below to sign-up for the correct event at the correct time and place. I.e. If you live or work in Hayward, please sign-up for Hayward events. If you live or work in San Leandro, please sign-up for San Leandro events. See the event code provided below: