Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

Make certain to read and understand all the informationprovided on this webpage prior to submitting your AHOP application. Assess if you are ready, eligible, and have the financial capacity to participate in AHOP prior to submitting your application.

You do not need to have your homebuyer education certificate prior to submitting your AHOP application. However, try to secure your homebuyer education as soon as possible. The more you understand about the purchase process the better equipped you will be to make key decisions and to move forward with the purchase of your home. You must complete your homebuyer education course prior to closing escrow on your home.

You do not need to identify or provide a name for your 1st lender or real estate agent to submit your AHOP application. You will need to identify (or choose) your 1st lender if you receive a Program Participation Notification from BAAHA. You will only need to choose your real estate agent when you receive a Preliminary Program and 1st Loan Approval.
Key steps to accomplish to be awarded AHOP subsidies:

  • Secure your homebuyer education certificate (can be secured by the close of the purchase escrow; however, BAAHA highly recommends starting and completing homebuyer education as soon as possible)
  • Submit your AHOP Application
  • Obtain your AHOP Program Participation Notification PPN
  • Secure your preliminary 1st lender and AHOP Program Approvals
  • Start your property search – you must purchase a property in Antioch
  • Secure a property purchase contract
  • Obtain your Final 1st Lender and AHOP Program Approvals – must be a minimum 45-day escrow period in the contract, or Program Approval will not be provided.
  • Close the purchase contract – including signing all City AHOP related documents

All non-dependent adult household members must be on title and be first time homebuyers.

Gross combined income of an AHOP participating household cannot exceed 80% of Contra Costa’s Area Median Income.

There are a total of three subsidies you may be able to participate in:

  • City of Antioch down payment assistance loan subsidy - up to $60,000
  • Federal Home Loan Bank WISH Program – forgivable loan up to $22,000
  • Silicon Valley Bank – grant up to $30,0000

Certified 1st lenders may have additional subsidies and/or grants to offer.

Subsidy funding is limited and provided on a First Come First Served basis.

In order to secure final AHOP Program Approval there must be a minimum 45-day escrow closing period stipulated in the purchase contract.

Synopsis and Key Points

Antioch Home Ownership Program (AHOP)

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