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200 Linden Avenue, South San Francisco
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Updated November 11, 2020

Lottery Application Period Ended
BAAHA has opened up the application period for the 200 Linden SSF BMRs. An application deadline date has not yet been assigned an; however, we anticipate that the application period will end sometime by the third week of December. BAAHA urges everyone to submit their application as soon as possible. An electronic PDF copy of the application has been in BAAHA’s Linden webpage.

Lottery Application
Read all application instructions prior to submitting your Lottery Application.
The application is only used to determine lottery participation eligibility to purchase a BMR condo. The lottery does not provide final approval to purchase a BMR condo. Submit your lottery application as soon as possible. This will help provide BAAHA the appropriate time to respond and address any questions or concerns we have related to your application. Depending on the level of application activity, it may take BAAHA five to ten working days to respond to your application.
Lottery Eligibility
Lottery applicants must meet minimum eligibility requirements to participate in the lottery. These eligibility requirements are further stated in BAAHA’s Linden BMR website accessible by clicking here. A complete comprehensive publication of the City of South San Francisco’s program guidelines are provided at the City website accessible by clicking here. Pages 1 through 18 of the City’s guidelines are particularly important to review by lottery applicants. Be sure to read the BMR Program guidelines prior to submitting your application. Please do not apply for the lottery if you do not meet the minimum eligibility requirements.

Bedroom Size Eligibility

There are strict guidelines for assigning bedroom sizes to applicants.  Guideline requirements include:

  • Median Income Restrictions
    One bedroom units are restricted to households whose combined gross household income does not exceed 80% of San Mateo’s area median income (low income).
    Two bedroom units are restricted to households whose combined gross household income does not exceed 120% of San Mateo’s area median income (moderate income). Additional information on income limits is provided in BAAHA’s Linden website

  • Size of household
    In addition to income requirements, two bedroom units must have at least two people in the household. 
    All non-dependent members must be placed on title. All dependent members must be claimed in the primary applicants 2020 tax returns.

Low income applicants, whose household includes two or more members, should keep in mind their financial capacity to qualify for a more expensive two bedroom unit. Make certain to state your bedroom size preference in the first section (BMR Program Selection) of the BMR Lottery Application. Write the bedroom size preference next to "200 Linden" (see below).
Filling Out, Signing, and Submitting Your Linden Application

  • Make certain to thoroughly read all the application instructions prior to filling it out.
  • If you are downloading the application from the BAAHA Linden website make certain to:
    • Upon downloading the application on the web - OPEN it as an adobe file
    • Save the adobe PDF file on your computer
    • Attach the filled out Adobe PDF application file from your computer when emailing the application to BAAHA
  • Fill out your application electronically by typing your information in the PDF form provided. If you cannot electronically sign the application, then just type your name in the signature line again. On page 1 in the section  under “BMR Program Selection”, type in “200 Linden” with your bedroom size preference; either 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom. Review bedroom size eligibility requirements, prior to stating you bedroom size preference -
  • Save the application and send us the electronic copy of your application to
  • If you have questions regarding, or are having difficulties filling out your application – then send BAAHA an email at Make certain to provide details regarding problems, questions, or concerns that you have.

Lottery Eligibility
Processed and reviewed applications will be placed into one of the following three categories:

  • Lottery Eligible
    Under this designation, BAAHA has preliminarily designated an applicant to be able to participate in the Linden Purchase Lottery. This does not mean that the applicant is Program approved to purchase the unit. The applicant is only allowed to participate in the lottery at this juncture.
  • Under Review
    Under this designation, BAAHA has additional concerns and questions the applicant will need to address prior to providing a final lottery status determination. The applicant will have up to five working days to respond to BAAHA questions and/or requests.  Non-response in the time allocated will eliminate the applicant from the lottery and purchase process
  • Lottery Not Eligible
    Under this designation, BAAHA has determined that the applicant may not participate in the lottery or purchase of the BMR condo. BAAHA will provide a reason for the ineligibility for which applicants will have five days to challenge the finding

Preference Status

A lottery preference will be assigned to applicant households who either live or work in the City of South San Francisco. The work preference is earned when an applicant household member works for an employer that has a physical facility located in South San Francisco. The City and BAAHA realize that the COVID-19 pandemic now requires some people to work from their homes.  Accordingly the household member must document they are working from home due to COVID-19. Households with a live or work preference will be provided a higher priority in the lottery.

​Bedroom Size Preferences

There is no assurance that an applicant will be eligible to receive the bedroom size preference requested in their Lottery Application.  Determination of eligibility for a requested preferred bedroom size will be made by the City, as part of their Program approval process.

Questions and Information
For questions regarding the 200 Linden property and purchase procedures contact Trista Bernasconi, with HomeQuest Realty at

For questions regarding the 200 Linden Lottery Application contact BAAHA at

BAAHA looks forward to receiving and reviewing your 200 Linden Avenue BMR Lottery Application.

All Units Have Sold

200 Linden Ave Lottery Application Period Ended Last Year