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Visit to learn more about how to take access the resources and services that AHOP offers homebuyers, and to view upcoming AHOP HUD certified homebuyer seminars, please. The most effective way to get answers to your questions is to email us at Alternatively, you can call us at (800) 480-9020 x 556.

AHOP applicants must complete a HUD certified education course and provide a copy of their HUD Homebuyer Education Certificate at the time they submit their Program Application. 

AHOP applications will be made available on the BAAHA website after the first AHOP Homebuyer Education Seminar is conducted – to be scheduled in May of 2020 

To learn more about the next steps you should take to access the valuable resources and services made available through AHOP, make certain to attend an AHOP homebuyer education.

The February 8th Seminar is FULL

Please click here to be notified about the next available seminar.  It is not mandatory to attend the workshop; however, we highly recommend that you attend to learn about the guidelines, parameters, and steps you will need to take to become an AHOP homebuyer participant.


Program Application


 What are my next steps to participate in AHOP?​​

Program Application

​All AHOP participants will be required to have a certificate of completion for a six hour HUD certified homebuyer education course prior to submitting an AHOP application to BAAHA.  The City of Antioch is scheduling to conduct its first HUD homebuyer education workshop sometime in February. 

Please make certain to register with BAAHA to receive updates on upcoming homebuyer education seminars AHOP participants may secure a Homebuyer Education Certificate of completion from any HUD approved organization. A list of such organizations can be obtained at BAAHA’s website: 
or from HUD’s website located at:

 Homeownership in Antioch is just AHOP, skip, and jump away!

Homebuyer Education

Informational Workshop

What Should Be Your Next Step:
The next steps to take advantage of AHOP’s resources and services should depend on your specific, needs, focus and objectives.

Education and Counseling
At this time you may only be focused on preparing to become a homebuyer versus starting the home purchase process.  This would be especially relevant to individuals who still need to consider or accomplish one or a combination of the following undertakings:

  • Save up for a down payment
  • Reduce your current debt
  • Build up your credit quality
  • Create a budget to determine how much house you can afford to purchase
  • Learn more about the home purchase process and resources that you can take advantage of.

 Homebuyer education and counseling may help you accomplish the above tasks.

AHOP Down Payment Assistance Loan (DALP) Subsidies
You should only consider applying for the AHOP DALP and CCLP subsidies if you:

  • Meet and are compliant with all the AHOP DALP/CCLP requirements
  • Have received a Certificate of Completion for attending and completing a HUD homebuyer education course
  • Worked with a 1st mortgage lender and have received a pre-approval for a 1st mortgage loan.  Your lender must be able to provide a home loan in conjunction with the AHOP DALP or CCLP

 Your Next Step:
Education and Counseling

To take advantage of the AHOP education and counseling you must take the following steps:

                1. Sign up for an AHOP HUD approved homebuyer education seminar. 

                      We intend to have up to two (2) seminars in the following six months.  The first seminar is tentatively scheduled for Saturday,                                    February 8th 2020.  Additional information on the location and time for this seminar will be provided on BAAHA’s website located                              at  Attendance to this seminar is onlyopen to first time homebuyers that live or work in the City                              of Antioch.  There is no fee for attending the seminar.
                2.  Certificate of Completion – seminar attendees must stay through the entire seminar to receive their                                                                           Certificate of Completion.  The Certificate is required in order to apply for AHOP subsidies and/or to continue with free homebuyer                           counseling.
                3.  Free One-On-One Homebuyer Counseling – free homebuyer counseling is provided to all households who:
                             a. Live and work in Antioch
                             b. Meet the 80% median income restrictions applied to AHOP Programs
                             c. Have received a Certificate of Completion for HUD approved homebuyer education

                             (must provide copy of certificate)
                 4.   Counseling Application Submittal and Review – Counseling applications will become available on the  week of February 10th,                              2020. Detailed instructions on how to fill out your application will be provided on the BAAHA website, as well as be provided at the                            upcoming Antioch HUD approved Homebuyer  Education Seminar (tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 8th, 2020). 
                        BAAHA will review your application within 15 days after receiving your application.  During our review we will notify of your                                        eligibility to receive free AHOP homebuyer counseling provided by ECHO  Housing.

                  5.  Assignment to ECHO Housing for Counseling – If eligible, BAAHA will contact you with a notification that you are eligible for                                 AHOP free homebuyer counseling. BAAHA will also contact ECHO=Housing to request they register you to start your free

                         one-on- one homebuyer counseling. Additional information regarding the counseling process will be provided to you at that time.


 AHOP DALP and CCLP Subsidies

PLEASE NOTE:  The City and BAAHA intend to start opening and accepting AHOP subsidy applications sometime after the 2nd week of February 2020.  BAAHA, at this juncture, cannot provide an exact date that subsidies will become available. BAAHA is making an effort to have subsidies become available in mid-March 2020.  Additional information on the AHOP application and approval process will be made available at the time the application process is opened. 

To take advantage of the AHOP DALP and CCLP subsidies you will be required to take the following steps:

                  1. HUD Education Certificate of Completion - complete and provide a Certificate of Completion for a HUD approved                                                  homebuyer education program.  This certificate is required as your AHOP DALP/CCLP  application.

                   2. Loan approval from a 1st lender – a loan approval from a 1st mortgage lender must be provided with                         

                       your AHOP application.  The loan approval must have the following documents  from you lender attached with the AHOP    
                              a. Loan approval letter
                              b. Signed 1003 - uniform lender loan application
                              c. Signed 1008 - Uniform Underwriting and Transmittal Summary

                   3 .AHOP Application – you must fill out and submit an AHOP DALP/CCLP application to BAAHA to be considered to participate in an                           AHOP subsidy.  The AHOP DALP/CCLP application must include a Certificate of Completion for a HUD approved homebuyer                                   education course and a 1st lender approval(as described above).  The AHOP application must be accurately completed in its                                   entirety. BAAHA will be comparing information provided in the 1st lender documents with the AHOP DALP/CCLP application.

                         AHOP DALP/CCLP applications that are incomplete, or have inconsistent and/or inaccurate information will be rejected.                                           Applicants will needto submit a new application if rejected. The application will be reassigned a priority date based on the date it                               was resubmitted.

                 4. Application Review and Preliminary Determination - BAAHA will provide a response to the AHOP application approval status                                  within 10 working days from receipt of the application.  Preliminary determination outcomes may include a:
                            a.Request that additional information be supplied to complete your approval status
                            b.Preliminary approval
                            c.Rejection of the application.

Program Reservation – BAAHA will provide an approved applicant with a formal AHOP DALP/CCLP reservation.  Additional information on the expanded AHOP DALP approval process and reservation process will be provided at that time the application period is opened up.  BAAHA will also provide additional information on the reservation and approval process for the AHOP DALP/CCLP on its website - most likely during the 2nd week of February 2020.