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Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

About AHOP

Who is involved with AHOP?

Many of the services and resources provided by AHOP are funded through the City of Antioch. AHOP is run by the Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance (BAAHA). BAAHA is a non-profit housing organization that has brought together a number of pertinent partners that contribute services and resources to help you become a homeowner. Some of the partners and service providers include local real estate agents and lenders, the Golden State Finance Authority, Fannie Mae, BALANCE Consumer Financial Services, Federal Home Loan Bank, City of Antioch, and the Contra Costa Housing Authority.

How do homebuyers get started?

What is AHOP?

The Antioch Home Ownership Program (AHOP) helps homebuyers become homeowners

in the City of Antioch.

How does AHOP work?

AHOP provides homebuyers direction, guidance, and support to become a homeowner. AHOP focuses on providing homebuyers the knowledge and access to resources and services delivered by dedicated professionals that will help you through all aspects of their home purchase process. AHOP will assist with:

  • Securing the purchase-related and personal financial knowledge that is needed to get homebuyers on track to purchase a home
  • Providing one-on-one homebuyer and financial counseling
  • Determining eligiblity to access valuable financial homebuyer assistance subsidies
  • Connecting homebuyers with dedicated specialized real estate loan officers that will get them through the loan approval process and help them take advantage of the homebuyer subsidies that homebuyers may be eligible to receive
  • Connecting homebuyers with dedicated real estate agents that will help you find and purchase your home

What homebuyer financial subsidies may be available?

The purpose of homebuyer financial subsidies are to increase the purchase price and/or to lower a homebuyer's monthly ownership costs. AHOP participants may be able to receive a mix of the following homebuyer assistance subsidies. Some of these subsidies may be combined with each other to expand the amount of financial benefits that a homebyer may be able to get:

  • A forgivable down payment assistance loan of up to $15,000. This loan becomes a grant after five years of owning and living in the home
  • Access to a County Program that provides a huge tax break. The dollars saved from said tax break can be applied to help with housing payments
  • A zero dollar down payment program that may allow homebuyers to purchase a home with a stable fixed interest rate loan
  • Allow financially eligible and qualified Section 8 voucher holders to apply their payment subsidies to homeownership

A homebuyer's first step is to learn more about how to take advantage of all the resources and services the AHOP offers you. We are currently working on creating a specific AHOP guidelines and resources page on our site to provide professipnals and homebuyers the necessary resources to get started on the process. In the meantime, contact BAAHA for questions about the program and getting started.

To be an AHOP participant, prospective homebuyers will be required to attend a HUD homebuyer education workshop offered through BALANCE, submit an AHOP prescreen application, and attend a one-on-one homebuyer counseling with either a BALANCE or HUD certified counselor, or a certified AHOP real estate professional.

More Information and to get started on the application process:

For questions about the application process:

 Homeownership in Antioch is just AHOP, skip, and a jump away!