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Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

AHOP's goal is to...

  • Expand homeownership in the City of Antioch
  • Promote homeownership opportunities for low income homebuyers
  • Provide Antioch homebuyers easy access to homebuyer education and homebuyer counseling
  • Provide Antioch homebuyers access to services and resources that can help them to qualify and afford to buy a home in the City of Antioch
  • Support involvement and participation by the Antioch community to create an environment that promotes and encourages homeownership.

Take Your Next Steps

1.Sign-up for updates. Stay updated on new developments in the program and region. By telling us a little about yourself, BAAHA can provide you more information as the program grows. Click here to submit a program update form.

2. Attend program related events. By completing a notification form, BAAHA can notify you about upcoming events such as program seminars or certified homebuyer education workshops. See the blue box on left for upcoming AHOP related events.

AHOP:the Antioch Home Ownership Program

WHAT: HUD Certified AHOP Homebuyer Workshop - Presented by BALANCE, BAAHA, and the City of Antioch

WHEN:  Saturday June 16th, 2018

WHERE:  Location to be announced after sign-up

HOW:  Click here to sign-up

What is AHOP?

BAAHA & the City of Antioch are working together to expand homeownership opportunities in Antioch. The Antioch Home Ownership Program, or AHOP, will provide access to valuable services and resources to help Antioch residents and workforce become homeowners.

Homeownership is just AHOP, skip, and a jump away!


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