Please review the information below before registering to this seminar:

The Saturday, February 8th Antioch Homebuyer Seminar is FULL.

New registrations are not being accepted at this time.

Due to extremely high demand, attendance to Antioch’s HUD approved educational seminar is restricted only to households who meet the following seminar registration requirements:

  • Must currently live and/or work in the City of Antioch.  Proof of residency may be requested at the workshop
  • Must be a 1st time homebuyer – have not owned real estate for the past three years
  • All household members that will be on title when they purchase a home must attend a homebuyer education seminar

The City and BAAHA have a strong preference that attendants of this workshop have the capacity and intend to apply for AHOP subsidies in the following three to six months. Before registering for this seminar please make certain to review the Program Considerations page on the AHOP website located at  Homebuyer education must be completed prior to submitting an application for an AHOP. Applicants must provide a Certificate of Completion with their application. 

We are requesting households that are not currently ready or eligible to purchase a home to register for a future Antioch AHOP HUD approved homebuyer seminar. The next Antioch AHOP seminar will be held in May of 2020.  Registration for this seminar will open up during April 2020.

The upcoming homebuyer education seminar has a seventy five (75) person capacity.  Reservations will be taken on a first come first served basis. If you are not able to attend this seminar we recommend that you visit the following sites to register for another seminar in the region. Antioch also allows for a HUD approved course to be taken and completed on line.  Seminar providers listed in the websites below may not have the same attendance restrictions required for Antioch seminars.

BAAHA Website:

US HUD website: 

IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: The Saturday, February 8th Antioch Homebuyer Seminar is FULL. New registrations are not being accepted at this time. Please feel free to visit the two links above to view alternative homebuyer education providers, from which you can secure your HUD-approved homebuyer education certificate. The City of Antioch anticipates having their next homebuyer education seminar in May 2020, but this is subject to change. The details, including registration, for the next seminar will be posted to this website as soon as they are confirmed. If you have not done so already, make certain to register with BAAHA by clicking the BAAHA Registration button below (or by clicking here). Keep in mind that registering a profile with BAAHA at this time will not register you for an event, but will place you into BAAHA's database so that we can provide you with program and event updates. You can easily register for AHOP events as they become available by creating a BAAHA profile.

Date of workshop:  This Seminar is FULL

Time of workshopThis Seminar is FULL

Location of Workshop: This Seminar is FULL

How do I register for Future Events and Information?

  ​                                 HUD APPROVED EDUCATION

​​​​​​​​In order to register for an event you must be a current registered BAAHA account holder. If you are not a current account holder please follow the BAAHA account registration instructions below.  If you are a current BAAHA Account holder, please enter into your existing account and register for the event.​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​1. BAAHA Account Registration

​In order to register for any event you must first set up an account with BAAHA.  Please take the following steps to set up a BAAHA account:

  • Click on the button below to be redirected to BAAHA's Account & Event Registration system
  • Select "Create an account" 
  • Once you have created an account, verify your account by entering a new password.


2. BAAHA Event Registration

  • Enter into your BAAHA account

  • View the upcoming events

  • Click the registration tab / button (highlighted with a red arrow)

  • Make certain to register any guests that will be attending with you by clicking the “Change” button and add all additional guests attending.

  • You are all set!

3. View and Edit your BAAHA Account and Event Registration ​
​BAAHA account holders can view and/or edit your

BAAHA Account registration under the “My Account” page; and view and/or edit your BAAHA Event registration.

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BAAHA's Administrative Director, Walter Zhovreboff, introduces AHOP to the Delta Association of Realtors. March 15, 2018

BAAHA & the City of Antioch are working together to expand homeownership opportunities in Antioch. The Antioch Home Ownership Program, or AHOP, will provide access to valuable services and resources to help Antioch residents and workforce become homeowners.

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