Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance

The primary objective of the Antioch Home Ownership Program (AHOP) is to expand homeownership in the City of Antioch. AHOP achieves this objective by providing homebuyers guidance, support, and access to resources and services to become a homeowner.  AHOP will assist homebuyers to:

  • Secure financial and homebuyer know-how to get on track to purchase a home;
  • Obtain one on one homebuyer education and financial counseling;
  • Determine the ability to access up to $45,000 in homebuyer downpayment assistance subsides;
  • Connect homebuyers to a dedicated specialized real estate loan officer that will help them get through the loan approval process. This officer can help homebuyers take advantage of any and all of the subsidies that homebuyers may be eligible to receive; and
  • Connect homebuyers with dedicated real estate agents that will help them find and purchase a home.

What Financial Subsidies May be Available for Homebuyers?

​​The purpose of homebuyer financial subsidies is to increase the homebuyers purchase price and/or to lower monthly ownership costs. Some of these subsidies may be combined with each other to expand the amount of financial benefits that homebuyers can receive. AHOP participants may be able to receive a mix of the following homebuyer assistance subsidies:

  • Forgivable down payment assistance loan(s) of up to $45,000 for households who make 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI) for Contra Costa County; and up to $30,000 for households who make more than 80% and less than or equal to 120% of the Contra Costa County AMI (see table below). These loans become a grant after five years of owning and living in the home. Eligible buyers may also receive up to $5,000 in closing cost assistance.
  • Access to a County Program that provides homebuyers a huge tax break.  The dollars you save from your tax break can be applied to help with housing payments.
  • Low to zero percent down payment programs that may allow homebuyers to purchase a home with a stable fixed interest rate loan.
  • Allow financially eligible and qualified Section 8 voucher holders to apply their payment subsidies to homeownership.

BAAHA, AHOP Partners, and the City of Antioch would like to thank all of you that attended the AHOP Launch Event on Saturday March 24, 2018. We'd also like to thank those of you who could attend the 2nd Session for non-live/work homebuyers on such short notice. We have provided the homebuyer materials from the AHOP Launch Event below.

The Objectives of AHOP

3. Financial and Homebuyer Counseling

Homebuyers that have financial challenges in purchasing a home will be directed to BALANCE. BALANCE is AHOPs HUD certified non-profit financial homebuyer counselor. AHOP covers the cost of counseling for households whose combined income is equal to or less than 80% AMI. BALANCE will work with the household for as long as needed to achieve their financial objectives. Households with incomes higher that 80% AMI will need to work directly with BALANCE to make an arrangement to receive counseling (refer to the AMI table above).

WHat Are My Next Steps?

1. Attend HUD Certified Homebuyer Education

In order to gain access to the maximum financial subsidy available through AHOP (up to $45,000), homebuyers will be required to attend a Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) certified homebuyer class. AHOP will schedule 4 public classes in Antioch over the following 12 months. In addition, civic organizations and employers can work with AHOP to schedule these classes at their facilities.

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4. Secure Financing and Subsidies to Purchase a Home

Households that have the financial capacity and willingness to purchase a home will be directed to start the loan preapproval process. AHOP is highly focused on making certain that AHOP homebuyers utilize all of the homebuyer subsidies that they are eligible to receive. AHOP’s primary sponsoring funding partner Guild Mortgage. Guild has access to up to $45,000 of subsidies to provide AHOP homebuyers.

AHOP can help you become a homeowner in Antioch!

A key part of starting the process with AHOP is to complete and submit an AHOP Prescreen Application (click here to download). This application will be reviewed by the AHOP team to determine a multitude of factors such as your eligibility status for downpayemnt assistance. Our staff and partners also review your application to connect you to homebuyer educators via homebuyer workshops and/or counseling, if necessary.

It is very important to provide all the information requested on the application. AHOP's goal is to provide you as a homebuyer the resources that are most relevant to you. If you do not live or work in Antioch, but have a tie to the City in any way, please note this on the application. Click here to read about AHOP partners.

2. Submit an AHOP Application (click here to download)

Submitting an AHOP application to the Bay Area Affordable Homeownership Alliance (BAAHA) allows staff to conduct a preliminary analysis on the positioning and the next steps that the prospective homebuyer will need to take. Outcomes and next steps may include:

  • Determination that the homebuyer needs to secure more stable long term income to start the home purchase process.
  • The homebuyer has stable income and needs financial counseling and assistance to improve their credit situation and/or to save money to purchase a home (see: Step 3).
  • The household has the financial foundation to proceed to purchase a home (see: Step 4).

How Do I Get Started?

AHOP Launch Event

5. Work with the Real Estate Community

AHOP is working with the Delta Association of Realtors to structure a list of AHOP Certified Realtors. AHOP plans to have the list of AHOP Certified Realtors available by mid-April of 2018. AHOP Certified Realtors will have a solid understanding of the AHOP program and will have a strong capacity and willingness to represent AHOP buyers.

​​AHOPfor Antioch Homebuyers