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 Homeownership in Antioch is just AHOP, skip, and jump away!

Program Considerations

​All AHOP participants will be required to have a certificate of completion for a six hour HUD certified homebuyer education course prior to submitting an AHOP application to BAAHA.  The City of Antioch is scheduling to conduct its first HUD homebuyer education workshop sometime in February. 

Please make certain to register with BAAHA to receive updates on upcoming homebuyer education seminars AHOP participants may secure a Homebuyer Education Certificate of completion from any HUD approved organization. A list of such organizations can be obtained at BAAHA’s website: 
or from HUD’s website located at:

Program Application

​Are you ready to participate in the AHOP Down Payment Assistance Loan Program (DALP)?

In order to participate in AHOP DALP you must be ready to buy a home. Considerations to determine your purchase readiness include:

  • Income stability – stability is determined on how long you have maintained steady employment and income. Generally, you must demonstrate two years of steady employment working under the same job description of same employer.

  • Adequate income – even though you may be eligible to receive up to $50,000 in subsidy, you must still be able to afford to make your payments to own a home.  Below is a table illustrating the approximate gross income (before deductions) you would need to purchase a home with up to $50,000 in subsidy. The illustration above applies current interest rates with a 3% down payment. This illustration also assumes that the buyer has zero dollars ($0) in monthly debt.
  • Too much debt?  – monthly debt (such as student loans and or car loans) can considerably increase the amount of income you need to purchase a home.  The table below shows how much additional income is required by adding $300 a month in personal debt payments to your housing payments.

With an increase in income with personal debt:

  • Credit quality – AHOP participants must have good credit.  A minimum FICO score of 640 is required and the borrower/buyer cannot have any unpaid charge offs/collections.
  • Savings – you need to have money in savings to purchase a home. The money cannot be in cash, it must be in a savings or investment account.  One should have enough money to apply towards:
  • Down payment – to participate in an AHOP subsidy, you will need to have at least $5,000 or 1% of the purchase price (whichever is greater) to apply towards your down payment.
  • Reserves – different lenders have different requirements for the amount of reserves you need to have when you purchase a home.  You need to show that you have at least one month of housing cost reserved in your bank after you close the transaction.

Should you be taking advantage of homebuyer education and counseling?

One of AHOP’s main objectives is to help people who rent and/or work in Antioch to become

homeowners.  Securing homeownership is a complex and challenging task – especially if you

are a first time homebuyer. The best way to prepare yourself is through homebuyer education

and counseling. Education and counseling can help you better understand the requirements,

steps, strategies, as well as the resources, and services available to you to advance your efforts.

HUD approved homebuyer education:
AHOP will be offering access to a series of homebuyer education classes to the public throughout 2020. We will be publishing a schedule of classes up to 45 days prior to the scheduled class date. The dates will be published on BAAHA’s AHOP website HUD approved homebuyer education certificates are required to apply and use the AHOP subsidies.  You are required to either spend a day at the eight hour HUD approved class or take an approved on-line course to earn your education certificate. Some of the specific topics the class covers include:

  • Money management – preparing yourself financially to purchase a  home
  • The purchase process –  steps and professionals you will be involved with in purchasing a home
  • Obtaining loan approval – the requirements and steps you need to take to secure a loan to purchase your home
  • Down payment assistance program(s) – public programs that you may be able to utilize to assist you with your home purchase

HUD approved homebuyer counseling:
One-on-one counseling allows you use the knowledge you gained from education to gain further insight into steps, strategies, services, and resources you should incorporate and apply to achieve your goal of home ownership.  A counselor will help you establish a personalized home purchase plan that works best for you.

Securing Down Payment Assistance Funds
AHOP DALP funds are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Subsidies are only available to households that meet Program guidelines and fulfill all Program underwriting requirements. Guidelines and underwriting requirements are set up to help prevent Program abuses and to make certain that the City is fulfilling their Program objectives.  AHOP’s administrator will scrutinize all information provided by AHOP applicants to make certain that all AHOP guidelines, parameters, and protocols are met.

To participate in the AHOP DALP you must:

  • Live or work in the City of Antioch
  • Be a first time homebuyer – could not have owned a property in the last three years
  • Purchase your home in the City of Antioch
  • Have a combined household income that does not exceed 80% of Contra Costa’s Median Income.  Incomes are based on household size
  • Attended and completed a  HUD approved homebuyer education course.  Certificate of completion is required to submit an application.
  • Received first lender approval from an AHOP approved lender
  • Submitted an AHOP application – which must include the 1st lender approval and a copy of a Certificate of Completion for HUD approved education

The City and BAAHA hope to be able to provide up to 30 DALP loans over the following 18 months.  If the City runs out of funding, it will place the approved applicant on a wait list. All approved active applicants will initially have sixty (60) days to locate a property once they are approved.  Active applicants include households who are earnestly pursuing (including actively submitting offers) to purchase a home. Upon finding the property, the City will provide up to an additional sixty (60) days to close the purchase transaction.  Additional extension may be granted on an individual case-by case basis.
The City and BAAHA plan to have AHOP subsidies become available sometime after the third (3rd) week of February 2020.  You and your real estate team should plan your purchase transactions accordingly.  We anticipate that it will take up to forty five days to close a real estate transaction if you are using AHOP DALP subsidies.  This process could even be further delayed as we go through our first few AHOP transactions.

 What are my next steps to participate in AHOP?​​

Homebuyer Education

Need More Information or Assistance?

Visit to learn more about how to take access the resources and services that AHOP offers homebuyers, and to view upcoming AHOP HUD certified homebuyer seminars, please. The most effective way to get answers to your questions is to email us at Alternatively, you can call us at (800) 480-9020 x 556.

AHOP applicants must complete a HUD certified education course and provide a copy of their HUD Homebuyer Education Certificate at the time they submit their Program Application. 

AHOP applications will be made available on the BAAHA website after the first AHOP Homebuyer Education Seminar is conducted – to be scheduled in May of 2020.  

Informational Workshop

To learn more about the next steps you should take to access the valuable resources and services made available through AHOP, make certain to attend an AHOP homebuyer education.

The February 8th Seminar is FULL

Please click here to be notified about the next available seminar.  It is not mandatory to attend the workshop; however, we highly recommend that you attend to learn about the guidelines, parameters, and steps you will need to take to become an AHOP homebuyer participant.