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Informational Workshop

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Visit to learn more about how to take access the resources and services that AHOP offers homebuyers, and to view upcoming AHOP HUD certified homebuyer seminars, please. The most effective way to get answers to your questions is to email us at Alternatively, you can call us at (800) 480-9020 x 556.

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 Homeownership in Antioch is just AHOP, skip, and jump away!

AHOP applicants must complete a HUD certified education course and provide a copy of their HUD Homebuyer Education Certificate at the time they submit their Program Application. 

AHOP applications will be made available on the BAAHA website after the first AHOP Homebuyer Education Seminar is conducted – to be scheduled in May of 2020.  

​All AHOP participants will be required to have a certificate of completion for a six hour HUD certified homebuyer education course prior to submitting an AHOP application to BAAHA.  The City of Antioch is scheduling to conduct its first HUD homebuyer education workshop sometime in February. 

Please make certain to register with BAAHA to receive updates on upcoming homebuyer education seminars AHOP participants may secure a Homebuyer Education Certificate of completion from any HUD approved organization. A list of such organizations can be obtained at BAAHA’s website: 
or from HUD’s website located at:

​​​​AHOP Homebuyer Education is focused on assisting:

  • Future homebuyers who need additional education and counseling to
  • prepare themselves to be a homeowner.
  • Homebuyers who want to apply for an AHOP subsidy to purchase a home

Education and Counseling – Future Homebuyers:
AHOP Education and Counseling could be especially helpful for future homebuyers who are not quite ready to purchase a home. You should take advantage of AHOP homebuyer education and counseling if:

  • You still need to establish a better understanding about the implications and steps you need to take to become a homeowner; and/or
  • Have challenges to address and need help in taking steps to become a homeowner; including and not limited to: saving up for a down payment, tightening up your budget, establishing a credit management plan, and/or improving your credit rating.

AHOP will be offering a HUD approved course in Antioch on May 2020 for all households that are not currently ready to purchase a home.  Please keep an eye out to make a reservation for this class.

Education and Counseling – Current Homebuyers
Homebuyer must complete a HUD approved Homebuyer Education course prior to submitting an application for AHOP subsidies.  AHOP subsidies are only supplied for homebuyers who:

  • Live or work in the City of Antioch
  • Are first time homebuyers
  • Have the financial wherewithal to purchase and finance a home, including at least a 640 FICO score, adequate and consistent earnings, and at least 3% of the purchase price available in savings and/or investments.
  • Median combined gross household incomes do not exceed 80% of Contra Costa County’s median income (link to income chart) as adjusted to household size.

Make certain to complete a HUD approved homebuyer education course if you meet all the above AHOP requirements and intend to apply for AHOP subsidies.  AHOP will be offering a HUD approved homebuyer class on February 8th. (set up registration link for this class).

Due to high demand, AHOP will only allow households who either live or work in the City of Antioch to attend an AHOP homebuyer education course. Identifications showing your place of residency may be requested by Program administers when you enter into the classroom.

 AHOP subsidy applicants can receive their education certificate from any HUD approved education provider.  Go to the following links to access additional HUD approved education providers:


Homebuyer Education

Program Application

AHOP Antioch Home Ownership Program

To learn more about the next steps you should take to access the valuable resources and services made available through AHOP, make certain to attend an AHOP homebuyer education.

The February 8th Seminar is FULL

Please click here to be notified about the next available seminar.  It is not mandatory to attend the workshop; however, we highly recommend that you attend to learn about the guidelines, parameters, and steps you will need to take to become an AHOP homebuyer participant.