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If you have any questions about the BMR units at 200 Linden, please contact Rob Belli for more information.

Rob Belli

Broker's Associate/Relator

DRE #01913570

(415) 317-8540

Please be aware that this web page is being continuously updated with new information. To guarantee a quick and thorough response, we recommend emailing your questions to Make certain to register to the 200 Linden Avenue Interest List to receive updates regarding the 200 Linden Avenue.below market rate units.

1. After creating your BAAHA account, you will be redirected to the Home page. Click "Upcoming Events".

200 Linden Avenue Interest List Registration

Why register?

Registering will:

  • Keep you apprised as to when BAAHA will start accepting applications for the 200 Linden Avenue BMR purchase lottery
  • Send you and invitation and copy of the 200 Linden Avenue BMR Lottery Application with detailed instructions on filing out and submitting your application. 200 Linden Avenue BMR Interest List registrants will automatically receive an application the day the lottery application submission process opens up.
  • Provide you updates on BMR pricing
  • Provide you general updates on the 200 Linden Avenue developments and on additional homebuyer resources you may be eligible to access; including up to a $22,000 down payment assistance subsidy for eligible buyers.

How to register?

In order to register to the 200 Linden Avenue Interest List you must first set up a profile with BAAHA. Please take the following steps to set up a BAAHA account. Once your BAAHA profile is set up, simply register to the "200 Linden Avenue BMR Interest List". An illustrated example is available below.

Important! Creating a BAAHA account alone will not register you to the list, so please be sure that you have registered to the list after creating your BAAHA account. Once you are successfully registered, you should receive a confirmation email from the BAAHA admin. If you do not receive an email or are having difficulty registering, please contact BAAHA at

3. Click the "Register" tab and follow the prompts from there on.

2. Select "200 Linden Avenue BMR Interest List".